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Rat Removal and Control Services

Pestokill is undoubtedly the No.1 Rat control and elimination service provider in Greater Toronto Area. Pestokill is right there in your neighbourhood and just a call away. Whether you are a residential or a commercial complex owner these pesky pests can wreak a havoc in your life. You are sure to be familiar with those sounds such as running, scratching and squeaking that these pesky pests-the rats cause in your residential or commercial complex. That awful stench from the droppings can make it so difficult to breathe freely. There most likely dwelling is under the shelves, inside walls or cupboards. If you have food left outside it is a sure invitation to these unwelcomed visitors. We endeavour to minimise the usage of pesticides and especially the ones with poisonous ingredients. We use highly quality products and our staff are experts in pest removal.

We use the latest know-how whether its pest removal in residences or commercial sites. Our services are designed and implemented in a way that will ensure that these pesky creatures stay away forever or are completely eliminated. As these pests have a tendency to multiply at a very fast pace so we make every effort to ensure that they are completely eliminated from your residential or commercial site. It is important that you know that cleanliness is of utmost importance both inside and outside your home environment so that it is less appealing for the rats. Ensure that you get regular professional examination of your site to make sure that these annoying and bothersome creatures are not there. This will help you take pre-emptive action before it escalates into a serious pest infestation problem.

#1 Rats Exterminators in Toronto GTA

Pestokill’s rats exterminators in Greater Toronto Area are highly trained professionals who are well versed with the techniques of effective rat removal. They are not only highly knowledgeable but also have considerable number of years of experience behind them. The first step towards controlling rats is to be aware and detect their presence at the very first sign. Garbage your waste properly so that your home or outside of home is not littered. Make sure you don’t leave any eatables uncovered. Avoid water to stagnate inside or outside your home. Close any gaping holes in your doors or the foundation of home or walls. Make use of bait station or traps to capture these harmful creatures. Our extermination service is good value for money as you get high-quality services at the best and reasonable price.

We endeavour to not only meet but exceed your expectations so that you are 100% satisfied. Our exterminators are highly familiar with the habits of these pests and know the best and the safest methods to employ to get rid of them. The most effective method deployed by exterminators are the pesticides which could be natural or synthetic. Usually applying pesticides are the best and fastest way of removing rats. We use the pesticides as per the labelling instructions keeping in mind the safety of people and pets around. Our pest control exterminators are located in most of the surrounding GTA areas so anytime you need us we will be right there at your doorstep with just a quick call by you!