Pest Control Services in Toronto

Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario is situated in Southern Ontario on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto landscape consists of natural areas like ravines, woodlands and the shoreline of glacial Lake Iroquois. The urban forests beautify the landscape. If you are a local resident of Toronto then it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that despite such magnificent landscape you are also invaded by those pesky pests and bugs who affect your peace of mind and comfort tremendously. This is where our pest control services play a very crucial role.


Controlling those pesky pests is no longer the headache it has been before, now these bothersome pests are a thing of the past. Yes!, Toronto’s fastest growing pest control company, Pestokill is here to offer a solution to all your pest infestation problems. We have a team of top rated expert pest exterminators who offer their services across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for domestic and commercial pest problems. Our highly specialised extermination team offers customised solutions to your problems that compiles with the Health, Safety and Environmental regulations of pest control services. The same local pest exterminator attends the pest problem right from beginning to end to ensure attention to detail and consistent, effective solution to your pest related problem.

Our service offers protection from a range of domestic pests such as Mice, Rodents, Flies, Rats, Mites, Termites, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Wasp Nests, Hornets, Bees and Spring Bugs for at least a period of one year. Our residential pest control services carry out periodic visits at your home to minimise re-occurrence of pest related problems. If you are a business owner then it is imperative that you maintain a healthy pest free premise for the comfort of your customers and employees. You can contact Pestokill anytime for cost-effective pest control solutions in Toronto.

Pest Exterminators: Why You Need Them?

Pestokill was established with aim of providing quality pest control services that are pre-emptive in nature at affordable prices. Our expertise and experience is a key differentiator from other pest control companies and competitors. Our pest exterminators provide prompt pest control solutions that are of high quality backed by their professional and highly specialised experience. The reviews of our services are a living proof of the efficiency and effectiveness with which our pest exterminators carry out their job. Our exterminators after examining your site will also provide you with handy tips that you can use on your own.

There are customer’s who vouch for our services from the bottom of their heart. The testimonials where these customers show open appreciation and applaud for Pestokill’s professionalism, specialization and meticulousness are a living proof of the quality of work that we carried out for them.

Why Hire our Pest Control Services Before Listing your Home in Toronto

If you are in the process of listing your home in Toronto Ontario city then you would be well aware of the rapidly evolving and competitive real estate market scenario. It is highly imperative that during this time you make that extra effort to tackle pest infestation problem at your residential and commercial premises to ensure that the sale goes through smoothly without any hassles. It would be a well thought of move to render our pest control services. Pestokill offer protection from a range of domestic pests such as Mice, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fleas etc. Some of our specialized services include the following:

Mice Control Service: Our Mice control service is equipped with high quality mice control products that are less poisonous active elements. Rats and Mice spread disease to humans via their droppings or urine. Also, Mice can spread sickness and death via parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms. Mice can cause extensive physical damage to doors, skirting boards, books, food containers and upholstery. Mostly all these pests such as Rats, Rodents and Mice spoil and contaminate food with their droppings, urine or fur. Call us to control your Mice, Rodents and Rats problems in Toronto.

Cockroach Removal Service: These cockroach pests love to make heated and steamy environments their home. They are ready to infest public, commercial or residential buildings. So it is all the more essential to hire a professional cockroach exterminating company like Pestokill, so that there are no chances of re-infestation.

Bed Bugs Extermination Service: It is imperative that you ensure no damage to your assets by Bed Bugs or any other pests. Pestokill exterminators will identify, treat and finally terminate bed bugs infestation and also ensure that they don’t reappear. Our team will re-establish the particular spoilt areas and be prepared for new problems during bed bugs inspections and eliminations.

The above pest’s extermination services are just a glimpse of the few of the many extermination services that we provide. We have dozens of pest elimination experts that have a wide reach in various areas of Toronto, Canada. We are the most trusted name in Toronto’s pest control service providers and are one of the best all across the GTA area.